Activities in Japan

Based in Japan, Japan Islamic Trust not only supports religious activities for the local Muslim community, but also play an active role in being an integral part of the Japanese society as well.

1.Food distribution for the homeless

Japan Islamic Trust has been regularly feeding the homeless in Tokyo. Consistent food distributions offer sustenance and exemplify Islamic values through community volunteers. These endeavours nurture interfaith understanding and propagate the essence of compassion and charity inherent in Islam to the wider society.Food distribution for the homeless 1

2.Relief works during natural disasters

Japan Islamic Trust has consistently extended its benevolent outreach to aid and uplift society during times of natural  calamities. Particularly in the aftermath of the Great Japan East Earthquake. The organisation launched a multitude of relief endeavours aimed at supplying clothing and sustenance to the afflicted within the Tohoku regions, which are situated in the northeastern part of Japan. Our endeavours garnered widespread recognition and earned a prominent mention in Japanese middle school textbooks

3.Welfare fund

JIT has established a welfare fund for undertaking welfare programs in the community. These programs include providing cheap housing, giving loan for education and hospitalization expenses etc.

4.Tarbiyyah Camp

About two decades ago, JIT started annual tarbiyyah camp for both muslims and non-Muslims. This is a residential camp for 2 nights and 3 days where people gather with their family in a dedicated facility (e.g. Kangakuen camp site, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan). The event is quite popular in Japan with 200–300 participants including men, women, youths, school children and children. Usually people gathered at Otsuka masjid, Tokyo on the first day and go to camp site by chartered bus. The camp site consists several wooden houses for accommodation, kitchen and lecture halls in addition to surrounding natural landscapes, lakes and mountains. The routine activities of of JIT’s tarbiyyah camp include Islamic lectures, kids Quran recitation, nasheet and performances, social events such as boating, hiking, BBQ, soccer and campfire.

Below is a brief report of the camp conducted in the year 2019. This year we had guests from WAMI (Sheikh Abu Yazeed Faisal Juzyan Al- Otaibi) who graced the event by sharing number of lectures of relevant Islamic topics. Another prominent personality, Sheikh Hussain Yee of Malaysia was with us and delivered major lectures on the topics ‘Building a strong Muslim community in Japan’ and ‘Heart, mind and Haram temptations’. All lectures were followed by question and answers sessions. Additionally, Sheikh Mohamed Dawood from Egypt graced the camp by giving several lectures on Topics ‘Achieving Peaceful heart’ and ‘Parents: A role model to children, rights of parents and children’. There were exclusive women program to freely discuss various issues.

Youth programs: Apart from the main program, we had exclusive program for youth with a collaboration of professional trainers from Alkhaadem organization, Malaysia. Brother Tris, sister Sara, brother Dzaki did a wonderful job from scratch to end (program details are attached). We learnt many things from them. They are very positive, dedicated, flexible and very much cooperative with the local community.

Sports activities, Quran recitations and kids’ performancesKid’s performances were well organized, in which beautiful recitations of Quran, nasheets, role plays, and martial arts performances were particularly attractive. This year sports activities were more organized not only for kids, but parents also joined the games. All participants were satisfied with the level of Islamic lectures, programs, accommodations and foods.

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Prayer Timings

First Jumma Khutbah: 11:50 am

Second Jumma Khutbah: 12:30 pm

Last Jumma Khutbah: 13:00 pm