About Islam

Islam in Japan
In 19th century, Islam was introduced to Japan via Ottoman Empire, and now, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Japan, Alhamdulillah. The first Mosque was built in Kobe in 1935. Then, people in Tokyo area established another mosque in 1938. As muslim community grew, Mosques became a primary need for attending Friday prayer, weekend gatherings, Ramadan and Eid occasions etc. Hence, Muslims started to build Mosques in many parts of Japan. According to a survey, present muslim population is ~230000 (~20% is reverted Japanese) with more than 110 mosques. Alhamdulillah, first generation muslims living in Japan managed to keep their Islamic belief and worships via the mosque activities.

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Prayer Timings

First Jumma Khutbah: 11:50 am

Second Jumma Khutbah: 12:30 pm

Last Jumma Khutbah: 13:00 pm