Janaza  (Funeral Ceremony)

At our various masajid, we arrange ghusul (washing the dead body), cuffan (burial cloth shrouding) and burial at YAWARA MUSLIM GRAVEYARD, IBARAKI managed by JIT. In case of sending the dead body to a home country, please also contact respective embassy for necessary procedures, we may support with ghusul, cuffan and required documents.
Following documents must be sent by Fax (03-5950-6310) or submit directly at our office at Otsuka mosque.

  1. Burial Application
  2. Yawara Muslim Graveyard , Ibaraki Rules and Regulations.
  3. Copy of Death Certificate from Hospital/ Doctor
  4. Copy of Burial Certificate from city/ward (Original to be submitted at graveyard).
  5. Information about Cuffan (Burial Cloth): Height x Chest width x Weight

Regarding the usage of Yawara Muslim Graveyard

Heirs of the deceased who wish to use this Graveyard shall submit an Application to Japan Islamic Trust along with Death Certificate from Hospital/Doctor, Burial Permission from government office of the residence of the deceased. Once it is agreed to burry a body in Yawara Muslim Graveyard. Body must be given Gusl (Washed as per Islamic methods), offer Salat-e- Janaza in one of the Masajid. Then bring the body to Yawara Muslim Graveyard at appointed time. JIT will send at least one person with the Janazah to coordinate burial with Graveyard Manager at the Graveyard. Users of the Graveyard must follow the Graveyard rules and rregulations. JIT may request the users of Graveyard to participate in Cleaning and Maintenance of Graveyard when necessary.

For Access map visit : http://sanpukuji.com

Cost of a grave

The place of a grave in Yawara Muslim Graveyard is free for Muslims. However, the relatives of the deceased are requested to pay Yen 170,000 per grave for adult digging, refilling, name plate on the grave and maintenance of the Graveyard and pay Yen 30,000  for child. Please note that a standard name plate is used with specific information any construction or decoration of the graves not allowed.

Download documents:

  1. Burial application for Adult
  2. Burial application for  Child

Please contact for more details

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