Janaza  (Funeral Ceremony)

We offer Janaza (Funeral Ceremony) at Otsuka Masjid and various other esteemed masjids under Japan Islamic Trust. Our devoted team handles and oversees all aspects of the funeral with the utmost care and respect. The ghusul (washing the body of the deceased), cuffan (burial cloth shrouding) and the burial at Yawara Muslim Graveyard located in Ibaraki. Those of whom seeking repatriation, please contact their respective country’s embassy on the necessary procedures. Otuska Masjidwill be able to provide you with ghusul, cuffan, and any necessary documents needed. 

The following documents can be sent either by Fax (03-5950-6310) or submitted directly at our office at Otsuka Masjid.

  1. Burial Application.
  2. Yawara Muslim Graveyard, Ibaraki Rules and Regulations.
  3. A copy of the Death Certificate from the Hospital/Doctor
  4. A copy of the Burial Certificate from the city/ward (Original document to be submitted at the graveyard)
  5. Measurement information about the Cuffan (Burial Cloth): Height x Chest x Width x Weight

Usage of Yawara Muslim Graveyard

Heirs who plan on utilising this graveyard, must submit an application to Japan Islamic Trust, accompanied by the Death Certificate and Burial Permission from the government office. Once approved, the deceased’s body is washed with ghusul and Salat-e-Janaza is performed at the Masjid. The body is then brought to Yawara Muslim Graveyard at the appointed time. Japan Islamic trust will provide at least one person to coordinate the burial with the Graveyard Manager. Users must comply with the Graveyard’s rules and regulations. Japan Islamic trust may request their participation  in the cleaning and maintenance of the Graveyard as needed

For Access map visit : http://sanpukuji.com


Cost of a grave

The grave itself is provided free of charge for Muslims. However, to cover essential services, the relatives of the deceased are kindly requested to contribute Yen 170,000 per grave for adult burial, including digging, refilling, and the name plate installation for maintenance purposes. For child burials, the fee is Yen 30,000. Please note that only standard name plates with specific information are used, and any additional construction or decoration of graves is not permitted. Your cooperation ensures the proper upkeep of the Graveyard for all.

Download documents:

  1. Burial application for Adult
  2. Burial application for  Child

Please contact for more details

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