Serving Food to Homeless People
Serving Food to Homeless People
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Posted on : August 2, 2021

Reporting on TAKIDASHI (Soup kitchen)

This time too, Masjid Otsuka participated in the TAKIDASHI(Soup kitchen) homeless support held at Higashi Ikebukuro Park by the non-profit organization TENOHASHI.

We prepared about 450 curry rice from this masjid and provided it to 397 people who visited on the day, and we were also able to eat it by the volunteers who participated.
This time as well, in order to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 infection, we decided to distribute it in a fashion that protects the social distance.

On the day of the event, not only soup kitchens, but also medical consultations and lifestyle consultations were held, and corona prevention sets were distributed. Looking at it from a few years ago, it seems that the number of people in the relatively young age group and women is increasing.

Nowadays, news that is not optimistic is spreading all over the world, but Masjid Otsuka is currently doing this kind of soup kitchen “TAKIDASHI” every month, and I would like to continue at this pace if possible.

We call for Sadaqah (donation) for these supporting activities.
For further details please read the following information below.

【Fund Rising】
Sadaqah (donation)

You can offer donation for this project by bank transfer to the account below.

・Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
・Otsuka Branch
・Futsu(normal) account 1530634
Japan Islamic Trust

The next Soup kitchen will be held on 2021.8.28(sat). We will be welcome to conduct those activity with you as a volunteer!

May Allah bless you.

Children help!!

All our activities are supported by generous donations from people. Donate for a good reason and help the community in Japan

Prayer Timings

First Jumma Khutbah: 11:50 am

Second Jumma Khutbah: 12:30 pm

Last Jumma Khutbah: 13:00 pm