Provide Essential Aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey
投稿 : 2024年05月17日 (金)
Dear All
Thank you for your continued support, we have an update regarding our container of HOPE.
Join us in our mission to provide essential aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey. Our goal is to ship a full container of 250 wheelchairs, Panoramic X ray machine, and carpet tile to support those in need.
The deadline for cash donations is May 20th, 2024.
For Bank transfer donation:
Bank Name: Japan Post Bank ゆうちょう銀行
Branch Number: 448 (四四八)
Account Code: 14470
Account Number: 4974182
Account Name: Syrian Hands Kyoto (シリアンハンドキヨウト)
To transfer directly from Japan Post Bank: 14470-49741821
Thank you again for your continued support.

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