IISO Saturday Club
投稿 : 2023年09月08日 (金)

Discover a unique combination of fun activities and Islamic Workshops at IISO Saturday Club. Our experienced instructors will help instill Islamic Values while your child is having fun.

We offer a variety of activities, from sports to arts and crafts, to help your child learn and grow in a safe and welcoming environment. Join us and give your child the chance to learn while having fun.

The Program Includes the following:
– The 5 Pillars of Islam
– Salah & Wudu
– The 6 Pillars of Iman
– Quran Tajweed & Hifz
– Cooking activities
– Islamic Geometric Art and Hand Crafts
– Out-door/In-door sports activities

Every Saturday, SEP 23rd – DEC 16th
Monthly Fees: 5,000 Yen per month
Per session fees: 2,000 Yen per day

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Donation :)

All our activities are supported by generous donations from people. Donate for a good reason and help the community in Japan

礼拝時刻 金曜礼拝とフトバ

First Jumma Khutbah: 11:50 am

Second Jumma Khutbah: 12:30 pm

Last Jumma Khutbah: 13:00 pm