IISO Quran Tajweed Club
投稿 : 2023年09月17日 (日)

IISO Quran Tajweed Club:

Discover the beauty of the Quran with the IISO Quran Club.

Our experienced teachers will help your child learn Quran Tajweed and Recitation, as well as memorize short surahs.

Our teachers are native Arabs with Ijazah in the Quran.

Join the IISO Quran Club and start your journey to discovering the beauty of the Quran.

From age 6 to 12 years old.


4 sessions per month, one hour per session.

Every Saturday from 13:00 – 14:00 (JP time).

Study fees: 1000 Yen per session, or

3000 Yen per month.

Venue: IISO Nakano Bldg.


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Donation :)

All our activities are supported by generous donations from people. Donate for a good reason and help the community in Japan

礼拝時刻 金曜礼拝とフトバ

First Jumma Khutbah: 11:50 am

Second Jumma Khutbah: 12:30 pm

Last Jumma Khutbah: 13:00 pm