Nikah – Marriage Ceremony

Any couple desiring to marry at the Mosque is required to submit their particulars. Nikah (Islamic marriage ceremony) is performed and a Marriage Certificate is issued. The marriage is performed according to Islamic laws. And JIT encourages the couple to consult the relevant Japanese laws at their own responsibility. The couple is encouraged to keep in touch with other Muslim brothers and sisters and to become active members of the community. The couple is provided after-marital counseling if desired. Marriage is performed free of charge. A fee of ¥ 20,000 is charged for issuing Marriage Certificate. Issuance of Marriage Certificate may take upto one week.

Marriage Certificate Requirments

Application FormDownload: Marriage.doc
Other Required DocumentsBride GroomBride
Passport Size Photos33
Identificaion papers (Driving License/Passport)11
Inkan 1
IFamily Registration Certificate for Japanese 1
Original & Copy of Alien Registration Certificate 1
Muslim Certificate or Document showing Islam as Religion 1

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