Dawah Activity

Considering the fact that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last messenger of Allah and there will be no prophet after him, it is our duty to spread the Word of Allah to those who do not know it. Our Dawah plan is two fold. We hold gatherings on Saturdays, lessons and classes during the evenings at the Masjid Otsuka to educate Muslims and prepare them for Dawah work. The other part of the program calls for arranging meetings and gatherings where non-Muslims are invited to learn about Islam and Islamic way of life.

Shahadah (Conversion to Islam)

We encourage all brothers and sisters to spread the word of Islam among their acquaintances and friends by giving books, cassettes, small gift exchanges and invitation to our gatherings and programs. Once an individual develops interest in Islam he / she is invited to accept. It is important to note that no should be rushed to accept Islam. It is better that any individual must have enough time to study about Islam before entering into its fold. It is equally important to understand that any one accepts Islam only if Allah Wills. Reading volumes after volumes on Islam may not lead to conversion. On the other hand earnest desire to seek guidance helps conversion to Islam. Those who decide to enter Islam should take a bath and recite following passage in presence of two Muslim adults. Now they become Muslim. ash-ha-du al-laa i-laa-ha il-lal-laah, wa ash-ha-du an-na mu-ham-ma-dan ab-du-hu wa-ra-suuluh I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. Also I bear witness that Muhammad is slave and messenger of Allah Once converted to Islam return to other religion is not permissible. Therefore, all clarifications must be sought before entering Islam. All sorts of questions are welcome. The converted Muslims are issued a Muslim Certificate and are accepted as Member of our community. The Islamic Knowledge is imparted slowly. Those who bring these brothers/ sisters to the fold of Islam are requested not to expect phenomenal changes and be patient.

Nikah (Marriage Ceremony)

Marriage is important institution in Islam. Prophet Muhammad?(peace be upon him) ” Marriage is my way of life, anyone who does not marry is not with me”. Muslims should marry Muslims?only. Anyone who wishes to marry a Muslim must enter into Islam first . However, serious thought must be given before entering Islam. A mere desire to marry should not become the reason for conversion. Though Allah has permitted Muslims to marry with the people of the books( Jews and Christians who believe in Islam) but for making a happy family, it is desirable that husband and wife practice Islam and rear their children in the same faith. The people desiring to marry should complete Marriage Form and bring two witnesses, one from each side. Mahar should be decided between the bride and bride groom before the Nikah in presence of the witnesses. Marriages at Masjid Otsuka are performed according to Islamic law. The couple shall be required to comply with laws of Japan and or other countries , if required. Marriage Certificate is issued one each for the bride and bride groom.

Counseling and Advice

Muslims and Non-Muslims are welcome to seek counseling and advice. We refer the cases to relevant brothers and sisters for necessary counseling and advice. No time is fixed but appointments can be had on telephone. We request Muslim brothers and sisters to enroll as volunteers for counseling.

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