Burial Assistance


  1. Information about a death When a Muslim dies in Japan,a relative or a close friend must inform the nearest Masjid and seek information about a Muslim Graveyard or contact Japan Islamic Trust Masjid Otsuka) Tel. 03-3971-5631 Fax. 03-5950-6310 Mobile 090-2455-6253 If it is desired to send the body to Home Country respective embassy may be contacted.
  2. Japan Islamic Trust shall give details including required documents. The details can also be obtained from bottom of this page. Following documents must be completed and sent to Japan Islamic Trust by Fax. To Fax No. 03-5950-6310.
    1. Burial Application
    2. Agreement to Terms and condition for using Yawara Muslim Graveyard
    3. Copy of Death Certificate from Hospital/ Doctor
    4. Copy of Burial Certificate from city/ward/town office. Original to be submitted with dead body.
    5. Information about Cuffan (Burial Cloth): Height x Chest width x Weight
  3. Transporting the body For removal of body from Hospital and for its transportation, Japan Islamic Trust introduces Totensha Funeral Home, 1-19-11, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tel. 03-3478-1444, Fax. 03-3478-1594, Mobile 090-3222-0731 Yoshida San. Removal of body from Hospital and for its transportation can be arranged by the relatives and friends of the deceased also.
  4. Washing of the dead Body and Cuffan (Burial Cloth) shrouding Many Masajid have arrangements for Washing of the dead Body and Cuffan (Burial Cloth shrouding). Please contact your nearest Masjid. You may contact Japan Islamic Trust for help.
  5. Using Yawara Muslim Graveyard
    1. Heirs of the deceased who wish to use this Graveyard shall submit an Application to Japan Islamic Trust along with Death Certificate from Hospital/Doctor, Burial Permission from government office of the residence of the deceased.
  6. Once it is agreed to burry a body in Yawara Muslim Graveyard. Body must be given Gusl (Washed as per Islamic methods), offer Salat-e- Janaza in one of the Masajid. Then bring the body to Yawara Muslim Graveyard at appointed time. For Access map visit : http://sanpukuji.com
  7. Cost of grave Graves in Yawara Muslim Graveyard shall be provided to Muslims free of cost. However, heirs of the deceased shall have to pay Yen 135,000 per grave . This includes cost of digging, refilling, placing of a standard name plate on the grave giving name and date of death and Maintenance of the Graveyard.
  8. JIT shall send at least one person with the Janazah to coordinate burial with Graveyard Manager at the Graveyard.
  9. Users of the Graveyard shall undertake to abide by Graveyard rules and relevant laws.
  10. JIT may request the users of Graveyard to participate in Cleaning and Maintenance of Graveyard as and when felt necessary.
  11. In no case any construction or decoration of Graves shall be permitted.

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