Invitation for 15th Annual Prophet Muhammad Seminar (PBUH) at Toyo University
Posted on : October 31, 2022

Assalam alikum:

Invitation for 15th Annual Prophet Muhammad Seminar (PBUH) at Toyo University, Hakusan Campus(please check the venue direction in the poster)

Indeed, our great pleasure to invite you for the 15th Annual Prophet Muhammad Seminar on November 6, 2022, Sunday. The seminar will be held onsite at Toyo university Hakusan Campus with COVID-19 restrictions.

This year we have special guests Sheikh Hussain Yee from  Malaysia and Professor Nobuo Mori from Japan.

the topic  for this year is “Freedom in Islam”

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A brief about JMPF seminar

The academic seminar, held annually with the cooperation of Tokyo Islamic Cultural Society (TUICS), aims to introduce and discuss the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (peace and mercy upon him) to everyone, especially Japanese community. The one-day seminar usually conducts at The University of Tokyo consists of panel discussion by young Japanese Muslims and invited lectures typically from a renowned Islamic scholar. last year, due to COVID-19 restriction, we hold the seminar via online platform in 4 weekends (November 7, 14, 21 and 29) each consisting of invited lectures.



JMPF is a non-political, non-commercial and non-government organization (NGO) founded in 2008 to coordinate different Muslim organizations, mosques and Islamic support groups all over Japan. It is voluntary body, without any membership binding, devoted to promoting and safeguarding the honor and prestige of last and final messenger of almighty Allah, Muhammad (peace and mercy be upon him).

The main activity of JMPF is to create awareness of Prophet’s tradition (Sunnah) among the Japanese public, thus JMPF annually organize lecture series all across Japan, usually by inviting foreign scholar. Typical structure of seminar is a panel discussion by young Japanese Muslims followed by an invited lecture. JMPF also publish regularly the seminar proceeding as printed booklets (3000–5000 copies) and Islamic books in Japanese language to generate a database of material about Prophet Muhammad in Japanese language. The booklets are distributed free to Japanese people who attend our meetings and lectures all over Japan. The booklets are also further distributed through our members and partner Islamic organizations and centers.

Expenses of holding seminar, inviting guest speakers and scholars, publication of seminar proceedings and booklets are met by voluntary donations and contributions from Muslims in Japan and all over the world.

Thanks to Allah, during past 13 years over hundred thousand people have learned about Quran, Sunnah and Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Mercy be upon him). Followings are the list of previous speakers invited by JMPF.

List of previous years national/international speakers.


1. Sheikh Said Sato, Japan

2. Sheikh Ahmed Maeno, Japan


1. Sheikh Abdur Raheem Green, UK (7th November)

2. Sheikh Hussain Yee, Malaysia (15th November)

3. Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi, USA (21st November)

4. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi, Syria (November 29)

2019   Prof. Dr. Jasser Auda,    President of Maqasid Institute Global

2018   Sh. Hasan Elsteoy       CEO Muslim Aid Australia

2017   Prof. Dr. Khalid Zaheer   DEAN Information Technology University, Pakistan

Famous TV Scholar

2016   Sh. Fauzi Arab          Professor, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

                             Director, Presenter Al-Huda Television    

2015   Dr. Zakir Naik         Founder, Chairman Peace TV, India    

2014   Prof. Dr M. Mumtaz Ali.  International Islamic University, Malaysia    

2013  Sh. Mohammad Faqih. Orange County, California Islamic Center, U.S.A                        Prof. Yoshiaki Sanada,Chuo University, Tokyo

2012   Prof. Yousuf Estez.       Founder Guide TV, USA

2011   Prof Al-Banna Hani   Founder and Ex- President, Islamic Relief, UK.

2010   Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad   Vice Chancellor, Riphah Internationality University,

                             Islamabad, Pakistan.

2009   Prof. Ahmed Kameel Mydin. Mecero of International Islamic University,


2008   Prof.Akiro Usuki        Japan Women University, Tokyo

       Prof. Atsushi Okuda      Keio University, Tokyo


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