Food categories and Application

Category Codes Categories Examples of sectors
A Farming 1 (Animals) Animals: fish; egg production; milk production; bee keeping; fishing; hunting; chicken farming, cattle farming
B Farming 2 (Plants) Grains, Fruits; vegetables; cereals; spices; horticultural products
C Processing 1 (Perishable animal products) Includes all activities after farming, e.g. animal slaughtering, poultry, eggs, dairy and fish products
D Processing 2 (Perishable vegetable products) Fresh fruits’ fresh juices; preserved fruits; fresh vegetables; preserved vegetables
E Processing 3 (Products with long shelf life at room temperature) Canned products; biscuits; snacks; oil; drinking water; beverages; pasta; flour; sugar; salt; soy sauces
F Feed production Animal feed; fish feed
G Catering Food Service Hotels; restaurants
H Distribution Retail outlets; shops; wholesalers
I Services Water supply; cleaning; sewage; waste disposal; product development, process and equipment; veterinary services, Islamic financial services
J Transport and storage Transport and storage
K Equipment manufacturing Industrial equipment; vending machines
L Chemical and Biochemical manufacturing Food additives; dietary supplements; cleaning agents; processing aids, microorganisms
M Packaging and wrapping material manufacturing Packaging and wrapping material
N Other materials manufacturing Cosmetics, textile, leather products etc.

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