Urgent Support for victims of Osaka Earthquake

Assalam Alaikum wr wb This is an announcement from Masjid Otsuka. The earthquake which occurred in Osaka this morning caused extensive damage in the district. Masjid Otsuka will start supporting earthquake victims in cooperation with Masajid in Osaka area. We will check the local demand and send relief supplies in the future. Please kindly support us in order to help the victims. 【Donation】 Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Otsuka Branch Futsu(normal) account 1363828 Japan Islamic trust For those who are willing to entrust large numbers of relief supplies, please contact us by email or phone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. May Allah help the victims. May Allah reward you for helping the victims. — Jazak Kumu Allah Khairan Wasalam Haroon Qureshi Japan Islaimc Trust جمعية الوقف الإسلامي باليابان 宗)日本イスラーム文化センター Masjid ( Mosque ) Otsuka 3-42-7 Minami Otsuka Toshima-ku ,Tokyo 170-0005 Tel:03-3971-5631,Fax:03-5950-6310 Mobile:090-2455-6253 Email: info@www.islam.or.jp HP: www.islam.or.jp
Support in Japan.

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