Muslim’s Boy Scouts

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh Masjid otsuka, since November 2016, has been doing a preparation to start up “Boy Scout” which is a part of youth development program. Development Division, Committee Division, Teacher and Instructor Division took a training, had meetings, and now in the process of registration to Tokyo Scout Association and Japan Scout Assocation. The attached pictures taken when we had training and meetings. Soon we will open the admission for the youth participant. Insya Allah. We will report for any progress. Insya Allah Regards, Scout Committee
Muslim's Boy Scouts 1

Muslim’s Boy Scouts 1

Muslim's Boy Scouts 2

Muslim’s Boy Scouts 2

Muslim's Boy Scouts 3

Muslim’s Boy Scouts 3

Muslim's Boy Scouts 4

Muslim’s Boy Scouts 4

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