Masjid Otsuka Tarbiyah Camp XIII

Aug 24, 2015
To. Br. /Sr.  As-salamu-alaikum. Thank you for your entry. We accept your application for the 13th Masjid Otsuka Tarbiyah Camp. Please read followings carefully before setting out.
Adult  Child   Child (under 2yrs)    All person   Expenses \ ( Bus from Otsuka / Join at Camp site) (General/Student) 
The due date is 15th September You can pay to Br.Ghalib Husain, Br.Haroon Qureshi, Sr.Fatimah Sugawara or Sr.Halimah at Masjid Otsuka. We also accept at the office on the 4th floor in Masjid Otsuka. If you can’t come to Masjid Otsuka, transfer it to following account.

Japan Post Bank

Account Name : Syuukyouhoujin Nihon Islam Bunka Center Post to Post : Account number : 10090 86537811 Bank to Post : Branch number : 008 (Zerozerohachi) Account number : Futsu 8653781 Please let us know about your payment to Masjid Otsuka by Email or Fax to tell when and how much you pay.

Meeting Time

Gather to Masjid Otsuka at 7:30 a.m. on 19th September.
Be Punctual. *Persons/Families who find it difficult to reach 7:30 AM they can stay at the Masjid from the previous night. Blankets are available. Bring your own Pillow and sheets if you wish. Please apply in advance.

Meeting Time for who Gather to the Hamanoya Camp Site

Gather to the Hamanoya Camp Site at 13:00 on 19th September. It’s the expected time for the bus from Otsuka to arrive.

Rule and Precaution

  • The goal of this camp is to attain the blessing and satisfaction from Allah. So to achieve this goal, everyone should not forget the manner in Islam and everyone action must follow the “Islamic Shariah” especially when it concerns the clothing.
  • For the unity of the society, please keep on time. For any personal reason to be late, it will influence the whole group. Always inform in advance for any lateness.
  • Everybody must attend all programs at the camp. Authorization from the organizing member must be obtained for non-attendance at all time.
  • Please throw all garbage according to the rule of the camp and do not forger to separate the garbage accordingly.
  • On the second day we are going to organize an Al-Quran event for children. So its advisable to practice reciting Al-Quran at home so the children will have more confidence during the event.
  • Please make Wudhu at a predetermined place and do not make Wudhu on the sink stand of a kitchen.
  • The whole camp area is not only for our own use. So please be careful not to not disturb or give trouble to other neighbor. And everyone is fully responsible for his actions at the camp. So be careful and manage well your own belongings and children.


  1. Participants are to bring their own lunch for the first day(19th).
  2. We will prepare meals from the supper at 19th.

Things to Bring

Throughout camping, all participants are divided into two groups according to sex. Primary school boys are to be with males. Be careful not to mix man’s stuff and woman’s when packing.
  Things Note
  Quran and Notebook  
  Lunch Box, Food and drink Lunch on 19th (Separate place for Men and Women)
  PET bottle for dringking water The hiking participation applicant should have two PET bottles or more.
  Spare clothes At night temperature might fall up to about 18℃
  Bed Sheet  
  Toilet, Shower Kit, Towel  
  Children things Cap, clothes for playing in the water, big sized towel, Baby food if needed *1
  Raincoat / Umbrella, Pocket torch Indispensable
  Hat, Towel and Shoes for Sport & Hiking For Hiking participant
  Medicine If needed due to bus sickness
  Insect killer Spray, vapemat
  Insurance Card Just in case
  Etiquette Bag For bus sickness *2
1: Insha Allah, the fridge is at our disposal 2: How to make Etiquette bag:Prepare a paper bag and a vinyl bag of about the same size. Place the vinyl bag on the inside of the paper bag and overturn the top ends of both bags together. In this way, any unpleasant thing will not be seen from the outside.

Islamic goods Sale

During camping, we will sale some Islamic goods and books, insha Allah. (e.g.: Hijab \1000~, Abaya \3000, Khimal for kids \1000~, Pins \100~ etc )

Access to Hamanoya Camp Site

Address :
2334 Saiko Fujikawaguchiko Yamanashi pre. 
Tel No.: 0555-82-2503
Access by Train :
Take JR Chuo-Honsen line to Otsuki station. Change to Fujikyu Railway and get off at Kawaguchiko station. Take Saiko-Aokigahara Jukai Syuyu Retro Bus, get off at Saiko-Tsuharahama stop. Walk few minutes.
Access by Car :
Chuo Expressway > Kawaguchiko IC > 25minutes > Hamanoya Camp Site Tomei Expressway > Fuji IC > 60minutes > Hamanoya Camp Site


Masjid Otsuka Islamic camp executive committee secretariat

Emergency Contact

Men Ghalib Husain…090-7412-0769 / Haroon Qureshi…090-2455-6253, 090-6529-6253(softbank) Women Madina 090-4359-0112 Japan Islamic Trust  Masjid Otsuka 3-42-7 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo zip 170-0005 Tel:03-3971-5631 Fax:03-5950-6310 E-mail:
Events and Social Activities.

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