Preliminary report about winter storm campaign for Syria

Jan 23, 2015


UN estimates that 10.8 million Syrians (nearly half of Syria’s population) are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. the harsh winter has compounded the suffering of people, who are living in shelters lacking adequate insulation with no winter clothes and no blankets ( As of “2015-Jan-10” the heavy snowfall and the strong winter storm have killed more than 11 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and 5 in the Eastern Ghoutah region in Damascus. Japan Islamic Trust has carried out a donation campaign “Emergency Winter Storm Campaign for Syria” which aims to provide heating oil, blankets, food and fire-woods to WARM UP Syrian families in Lebanon and Eastern Ghoutah region for the entire month of January.


  • On 10th of January, Japan Islamic Trust started a donation campaign to WARM UP Syrian families, the campaign lasted for 10 days (Deadline was 20th of January).
  • In Cooperation with the Humanitarian Charity Organization in Saqba city, 6 Tons of firewood were distributed for around 200 families in the Eastern Ghoutah region in Damascus.
  • In Cooperation with Molaham Volunteer Team in Jordan, heating oil was distributed for more than 150 Syrian families in the refugee camps in Western Bikkaa of Lebanon.
  • Total money spent until now is around 4,000$ which we had sent in advance, (Receipt and photos are attached).
  • Final report will be issued at the end of this month when distribution of winter items is completed.


We would like to express our sincere thanks for all brothers and sisters who donated to our campaign. Your generous and continuous donations will provide a great benefit to the innocent wounded civilians in Syria, Jazzakom Allah Khairan.

Fire-woods distribution in Eastern Ghoutah region:

Distribution of heating oil in West Bikkaa region in Lebanon:

Syria Support.

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