Japan Earthquake Support Report 102

Mar 12, 2013
Assalaam Alikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. On March 12 (tue), 2013, Earthquake Support Team of Japan Islamic Trust visited former Kisai High School in Kasu City, Saitama where disaster victims are living. This is the third visit since last December and Feb. 24. In these days, due to strong wind blowing pollen dust and yellow sand, some of our staff fell sick including the driver. So we had only one car to be driven. 4 women and 1 man in total. As most of the residents are elderly, we served Japanese food at this time. Menu: Miso cooked mackerel, Chinese cabbage soup, Komatsuna, Chinese cabbage Broccoli with miso sauce, Tangerine, Sweets The day was still very cold, so the hot vegetable soup was a good menu. On the other hand, mackerel was not very successful. The firmness was not maintained. We might have disappointed them. Our first try, Japanese menu included several small dishes. We had to care the appearance to serve which way is not like serving curry as last times. 5 staffs served for around 100 people. Our service was not prompt enough and made some of them wait. We would like to apologize about this. There were some people who came to take our food at quite late time. Their faces were shining saying “ I am late as I just came back from field work.” Being such difficulty, they still work. When a person has any task to work on, he feels happiness. That was what I firmly realized. What we can do is to bring food that meet the taste of them time to time. We shall continue the support steadily for their small happiness.
Japan Earthquake Support.

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