Mar 26, 2012


This year we will be approaching the 11th anniversary of the Afghanistan refugee support program, which began in 2001. In addition, we will also be distributing donations to earthquake and poverty stricken regions in Pakistan. The kind donations including medical supplies, food supplies and water received from generous patrons have been distributed amongst several refugee camps as well as in other needy rural areas. However, there still remains a lack of sufficient goods to allow survival through the harsh winter conditions. We again invite you to assist us with your kind donations and have therefore extended the deadline for receiving goods to be donated. Please do not send or bring your donations to Otsuka Mosque but kindly send all them directly to the address below. Your understanding and co-operation are highly appreciated. Acceptance deadline: Mon, 16th April 2012 Please note that the last date by which donations will be accepted is Monday 16 April, and all donations should be sent so as to arrive latest by that date. (Not open on weekends and national holidays).


〒140-0003 Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Yashio 2-9, Japan Express Ooi Butsuryu Center Tel: 03-3971-5631 (To be written on the address label) **Please write “Afghanistan & Pakistan Donation” on the label. *** Please note that goods should not be sent to the Otsuka Mosque.


Kindly ensure to transfer money towards the cost of shipping to Afghanistan/Pakistan as well as local transportation fee to the account below: Mikan (orange) box size or box with H+W+L = less than 120cm – ¥500 per box, Larger Boxes – ¥1000 per box


  • Post Office Account

    Account No. 00150-9-98307 Account name: ‘JIT afghan Nammin fund’
  • Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank

    Account No. (Futsu Koza ? Normal Account) 1415181 Account name: ‘JIT Afghan Nanmin Fund’
  • ** If using internet banking, enter ‘JIT afghan Nammin fund’.
  • ** Any saved expenses will be used towards purchasing medical supplies, food, blankets and other necessary items locally in Afghanistan.
  • ** Money donations may also be sent to the above accounts.
  • ** Please note that the cost of shipping the boxes to the Japan Express storage/collection facility should be paid at the time of sending the boxes by the person making the donation.
  • **DO NOT include money in the boxes as it may be mistaken for waste paper and thrown away once in Afghanistan.


Sweater, Jackets, Blankets, Warm Socks,Cardigans, Warm Underwear (All in clean condition please) We will try our level best to provide local information on Afghanistan/Pakistan whenever possible. Jazak Kumu Allah Khairan Wasalam Japan Islaimc Trust 宗)日本イスラーム文化センター Masjid (Mosque) Otsuka 3-42-7 Minami Otsuka Toshima-ku ,Tokyo 170-0005 Tel:03-3971-5631,Fax:03-5950-6310 Mobile:090-2455-6253 Email:
Pakistan & Afghanistan Refugee Support.

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