Japan Earthquake Support Report 43-46

May 26, 2011
Assalamalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Jazakumullahu khairan for your help and donations. We would like to present you with the report on our relief trip No.43 to No.46, which left Tokyo between May 18th and 21st.

No. 43

Date: May 18th, Wed. Location / Menue / Time / Number of evacuees Nakoso Gym / Curry with rice, salad, vegetable juice / 17:00 / 46 persons Nakoso City community hall / Curry with rice, salad, vegetable juice / 17:00 / 36 persons 4 volunteers from Bunkyo Ward had arrived this day. They joined with 2 volunteers from the Otsuka Masjid who had been staying at the Iwaki Masjid for 2 weeks in order to prepare meal. Meal was distributed at 2 adjacent evacuation centers this day. Volunteer Center in Nakoso District has began to disband itself. Bunkyo Ward team visited the Nakoso district center of the Iwaki City Hall, and had a chance to talk with the director, and a section chief as well as 2 other employees. The meeting lasted for long hours including their own experience with the earthquake. The section chief is also a part-time farmer. His rice fields were covered with water from Tsunami, and because of the salt in the ocean water, he would not be able to grow rice for 2 years. The city has began to cater Bento lunch boxes to those who need them, but people prefer warm meal, the City would like to keep receiving Takidashi (Cooking and Providing Fresh Food ). We were planning to serve the meal at 17:00, but the daytime is getting longer, so we decided to wait until sunset. One elder lady said she enjoyed curry because she like not-so-spicy curry. At the gym we also served meal to the staff of a medical team who were present at that time. The cook, who are from Bangladesh, try to cheer people up while serving meal.

No. 44

Date: May 19th, Thurs. Location / Menue / Time / Number of evacuees Ena Elementary School / Chikuzen-ni (boiled and seasoned vegetable), rice, salad, fruits (apples and oranges) vegetable juice / 18:00 / 60 persons Minaminomori Sports Park / Curry with rice, salad, fruits (apples and oranges), vegetable juice / 17:00 / 98 persons Mr. Aquil Siddiqui, the head of the Japan Islamic Trust, drove 2 cook, who would take over the preparation of meals at the Iwaki Masjid, this day. Since we had more manpower, we served meal at 2 evacuation center, which is far away from each other. Chikuzen-ni, which was served at the Ena Elementary School, was cooked by 2 of the friends of Mr. Raja. Mr. Raja is the head of the Iwaki Masjid. The evacuation center at the Ena Elementary will close soon. And we are concerned about what happens to the evacuees after that. We asked around to get ideas about what people want to eat for the next Saturday, when we were scheduled to serve meal there again. One of the cook from Bangladesh went home this day. We really appreciate his contribution.

No. 45

Date: May 20th, Fri. Location / Menue / Time / Number of evacuees Yotsukura High School / Indian Curry with rice, salad, oranges, vegetable juice / 18:00 / 100 persons Indian cook from Kolkata, who arrived the day before, cooked Indian style curry. It was different from Bangladesh curry, and was popular among those who prefer spicy curry. One of the children, who run toward Mr. Aquil and hugged him when they found him getting out of the car, asked Mr. Aquil for a ball to play with. And He promised to bring it next time.

No. 46

Date: May 21th, Sat. Location / Menue / Time / Number of evacuees Ena Elementary School / Saba Miso-ni (mackerel seasoned with miso), Fried chicken with leaf lettuce, cabbage and cucumber seasoned with salt, rice, miso soup with taro and leek, green tea, Manjuu (steamed buns), cream puffs for kids / 18:00 / 36 persons Bunkyo Ward team was in charge of choosing and cooking the meal this time. We purchased fish from nearby fish shop with discount. Those who were from the Iwaki Chamber of Commerce and its young men’s branch brought in cream puffs for children. They also help us serving meal. Along with the meal, we distributed pencils, which Mr. Aquil promised to bring. Thank you so much for donations. People enjoyed meal and there were those who asked for another plate of fish, kids who asked for more fried chickens, and kids who asked if there were more cream puffs. The evacuation center at the Ena elementary was scheduled to close on May 27th, so Mr. Aquil made a farewell speech after dinner and wished for the Allah’s blessing upon them. Everybody kept waving to us when we left. 4 members of the Bunkyo Ward team headed home this day. In Japan Islamic Trust, we will continue to recruit the following materials. For posting, please write down “earthquake relief” on the box clearly.

What was requested and run out in the field:

  • Workman White Gloves
  • Wet Tissues & Regular Tissues
  • Napkin
  • milk (200cc / paper carton that normal temperature can be preserved)
  • vegetable juice (200cc / paper carton that normal temperature can be preserved)
Those who wish to support Japan Islamic Trust by bulk supply of goods and funds for Relief of Earthquake and Tsunami victims, please contact us by phone or email. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Donations – to our following Account:

Account No. Ordinary 1363828 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Otsuka Branch, Tokyo Name of Account : Japan Islamic Trust May Allah help the people affected. May Allah reward you for your cooperation.
Japan Earthquake Support.

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