Japan Earthquake Support Report 26. 27. 28. 29

May 10, 2011
Assalamalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Jazakumu Allah Khaiaran for your help and donations. We would like to report on the relief goods sent on our 26-29th relief mission.

【the 26th Urgent Support for victims】

In the morning on Tuesday May 3rd , We delivered fried Soba for 90 persons and Hamburger for 20 children . We cooked at Masjid (Mosque) Iwaki and served at Yumoto high school in Iwaki City , Fukushima prefecture.

【the 27th Urgent Support for victims】

We left Masjid Otsuka for the relief goods on Tuesday, May 3rd. At Iwaki City Taira Gym, We divided following goods: 3 boxes of daily necessities , toothbrushes 1 box (72 packets), clothes 3 boxes and 6 bags , masks 1 box (50 pieces ×18 boxes), vegetable juices 3 boxes (200cc ×24 bottles), milks 1 box (200cc ×24 bottles), Calpis water 24 bottles (500cc), condensed calpis 6 bottles (1little), in addition clothes, stationery, sport-type shoes, raincoat, and foods, etc. donated by Otsuka’s Awa Odori group “Shin Iki Ren“. In the dinner time, We served, fried noodle for 60 persons and bowl of fried vegetables with rice 120 persons with milks and vegetable juices.

【the 28th Urgent Support for victims】

May, 4th Thursday, We offered Couscous (Middle East Africa dish) and rice to refugees in Aloos Iwaki performing Arts Center for 110 persons.

【the 29th Urgent Support for victims】

May, 4th Thursday, We delivered Biriyani and Salad donated by Masjid Iwaki to Shikura high school in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. Japan Islamic Trust collects donations for arranging relief goods supplies for to Higashi Nihon Earth Quake Tsunami affected areas.

Bank detail is as follow:

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, Otsuka Branch, Branch No: 171, Account No: FUTSU(Normal): 1363828, Account Name: JAPAN ISLAMIC TRUST May Allah help those victims who are suffering and give Barakah (blessings) to those who support them. Jazak kum Allah Khairan Wasalam
Japan Earthquake Support.

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