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Please donate to the following accounts:

1, Zakat Maal (Zakat on Wealth)
Please calculate your Zakat amount and pay in Ramadhan to earn 700 and More Times Ajr. The people who are paid from ZAKAT FUND OF MASJID OTSUKA are waiting to be paid in the month of Ramadhan.

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Otsuka branch
Normal 1400120
Masjid Otsuka Zakat fund
三菱UFJ銀行 大塚支店
普通 1400120

2, Zakat Fitr
Zakat Fitr is a significant duty for Muslims in the month of Ramadan besides fasting.
Masjid Otsuka distribute entrusted zakat among people who are entitled to receive it.
If you are unable to give a zakat directly to a person entitled to receive it, it is possible to entrust your zakat to Masjid Otsuka.

Bank: Japan Post Bank.
Branch: 008 (ゼロゼロハチ)
Deposit type: Futsu (普通)
Account No.: 8653781
Account Name: シュウキョウホウジン⼆ホ ンイスラームブンカセンター .

3, Administration / Activity of Masjid Otsuka.
Your donation is affected by the water bill and electricity bill of the every month of Masjid, various of the activity costs.

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Otsuka branch
Normal 1530618
Nihon Islam Bunka Center
三菱UFJ銀行 大塚支店
普通 1530618

4, Primary School (International Islamia School Otsuka)
Your donation will use for making arrangements and administration for the Islamic primary school (International Islamia School Otsuka).

Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (SMBC) Ikebukuro Higashiguchi branch
normal 8842659
Syukyouhoujin Nihon Islam Bunka Center
三井住友銀行 池袋東口支店
普通 8842659

5, Kinderganten (International Islamia School Otsuka)
Your donation will allot to the administration of the Islam kindergarten which is an institution of the juxtaposition of Masjid Otsuka and for children’s class.

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Otsuka branch
Normal 1621867
Sect) Japan Islam Cultural Center International school
三菱UFJ銀行 大塚支店
普通 1621867
宗)日本イスラーム文化センター インターナショナルスクール

6, Yatim ( Orphan ) Support
Yatim ( Orphan ) support Fund is a fund to support yatim (Orphan) and the family living in Japan for a long short term.
Your donation is provided to Yatim for house costs and cost of living of the families, educational expenses, etc.

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Otsuka branch
Normal 0042706
Sect) Japan Islam Cultural Center Orr fan support
三菱UFJ銀行 大塚支店
普通  0042706
宗)日本イスラーム文化センター オルファンサポート

7, Student Fund
It is a fund to support a Muslim student troubled with the payment of school expenses resident in Japan.
It is paid for a scholarship.

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Otsuka branch
Normal 1621854
Nihon Islam bunka center
三菱UFJ銀行 大塚支店
普通 1621854

8, Masjid Otsuka Expansion and Reconstruction Project
Masjid otsuka was founded in 2000. tremendous growth over the last 15 years have been seen. Now there is a strong and urgent need to expand the existing Masjid and to build a community center that could cater to the ever growing needs of the community.
So, we would like to appeal to all Muslims to contribute financially and to make Dua so that this Project could be brought into reality. May Allah accept this effort.

The Japan Islamic trust (JIT) is an independent organization. Its function is to practice and propagate Islam in the Japan by providing religious, educational and recreational facilities for members of the public at large.

A SEVEN STORY BUILDING on the combined plot measuring 202.74 sq.m
Covered area 963 sq.m.
Total construction cost is estimated at JPY770,040,000(US$6,417,000)

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Otsuka branch
Normal 1530621
Syukyouhoujin Nihon Islam Bunka Center Mosque Fund
三菱UFJ銀行 大塚支店
普通 1530621
宗教法人日本イスラーム文化センター モスクファンド

9, Purchasing a School Building for International Islamia School Otsuka

International Islamic School Otsuka (IISO) was launched in 2017 by Japan Islamic Trust (JIT).
This initiative was taken to meet the dire need of the Muslim community in Japan for the education of Muslim children in an Islamic atmosphere including Islamic education and value.
Our goal is to produce outstanding individuals who excel in academics, extra-curricular activities together with teachings of Islam thereby paving the way for leaders by example and spreading the beauty of Islam to the entire Japanese community.

Price(including renovation):JPY 315,000,000 (USD 3,000,000)
Address:3-29-9, Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan(3 min walking distance from Otsuka Masjid and Otsuka Station)
Land Area:123.78 m2 , 1st Floor (88.93 m2)/ 2nd–4thFloor(85.93 m2)/5th Floor (69.95m2)
6th Floor (43.9 m2)

Advance payment: JPY 40,000,000(USD 380,000) [Done on February 5,2021]
Balance payment:
1st Target Amount: JPY100,000,000(USD 952, 381) [August15,2021]
2nd Target Amount: JPY100,000,000(USD 952, 381) [January1,2022]
3rd Target Amount: JPY45,000,000(USD 714,286) [February 4,2022

Online Donation :

Bank: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,
Account Name: Nihon Isuramu Bunka Center
Branch: Otsuka
A/C No:1530647

Bank: Japan Post Bank
Account Name:Nihon Isuramu Bunka Center
Branch: 018 (zero-ichi- hachi)
A/C No: 69061461

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