Salat Time table on Masjid Otsuka (On Dec 16, 2012)

How to estimate jamat salat time on Masjid Otsuka, Tokyo

Dec 16, 2012

Fajr: Around 45 minutes before sunrise. (Daily changed)
Dhuhr: 12:15 (Fixed time)
Asr: Check please. (Changed regularly)
Maghrib: Around 5 minutes after off sunset. (Daily changed)
Isha: Check please. (Changed regularly) (*1)
Juma: 13:00 (Fixed time)

(*1.) The Isha jamart time on 19:30 from Nov 22, 2012.
Please confirm the latest jamart time to Masjid Otsuka.
Because, the time on this web site has been old information.

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