Sep 16, 2011

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. May peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, his household and companions.

It is human nature to be greedy of wealth. A man travels long distances and bears hardship to attain it. Since selfishness and desire for personal gain are inherent in him, he is more concerned about himself than others. If he is given all the treasures of the world, and also the treasures of his Lord’s Mercy are opened for him, he will not be willing to spend it in charity from it because of his selfishness. ALLAH swt said in the QURAN in Surah Bani Israaii:
“Say if you possessed the treasure if the Mercy of my Lord (wealth, money, provision) then you surly hold back from spending for fear of being exhausted and man is ever miserly. “ (S.17 V.100)

And in ALLAH said in the QURAN in Surah Taghabun:
“So keep your duty to ALLAH and fear as much as you can. Listen and obey and spend in charity for the benefit of your own soul. nd those who are saved from the greed of their own souls are the ones that achieve success.” (S. 64, V.16)
The wealth hidden in treasures depriving the needy and the poor of their due, is a great evil for its owner in this world and the Hereafter.
Allah’s Messenger had said,
“The wealth of a man who is not taken out from it its due, would come to him in the form of a black snake that would chase him with it is mouth open. When he tried to run away from it, it would be said; catch hold of your wealth. I do not want it. Having found no way of escape. He would put his hand into its mouth, and it would chew like a bull chewing its cud.”
Islam tells man that excessive love for wealth can drag him into trouble. If he thinks the consequences of it, he will find generosity is better than selfishness and charity is better than the miserliness.
Allah’s Messenger had said,
“Man says, my wealth, my wealth. His wealth is of three. Whatever he spent on food it eaten up. Whatever he spent on cloths, they were worn out. Whatever he gave in charity was stored for the hereafter.”
Whatever he had beside this was either gone or left behind for others.
Once the ALLAH’s Messenger asked the companions who loves his wealth more than that of his inheritors?
They replied O Messenger of ALLAH there none of us who does not love his own wealth.
The Messenger of ALLAH said your wealth is that which you have sent forward and your inheritors is that which you live behind. The wealth given away with sincerity and kindness washes away sins and removes mistakes.”

ALLAH swt said in the QURAN in Surah Al Baqarah:
“If you disclose your SADAQAT it is well, but if you conceal them and make them reach those who are in need, it will remove from you some of your sins. ALLAH is well acquainted with what you do.” (S.2 V.271)
And in other verse ALLAH said in the QURAN in Surah Taghabun :
“If you lend ALLAH swt a goodly loan, He will double it to your credit and He will grant you forgiveness, for ALLAH is most ready to appreciate service and most forbearing. Knower of what is hidden and what is open Exalted in Mighty and full of wisdom.” (S.64 V.17)
Abdullah ibn Masood reported, Allah’s Messenger had said,
“ALLAH will resurrect two of His servants who were blessed with wealth and children. He will call one of them O such and such he will reply; here I am my Lord.
ALLAH will say, Did I not increase your wealth and children? He will reply yes my Lord.
ALLAH will ask him; how did you spend what I gave you?
The man will reply; I left for my children fearing poverty and misfortune;
ALLAH will say if you know the reality you will weep more than laugh. What you fear for them, I inflicted it to on them.
ALLAH will say to other man, O you such and such person he will reply; here I am my Lord.
ALLAH will say, Did I not give you more wealth and children? He will reply yes my Lord.
ALLAH will ask him; how did you spend what I gave you?
He will reply, I spent it in obedience to You and left my children to rely on Your Mercy and kindness.
ALLAH will say; if you know the reality you will be rather than sad the thing you have promise to them I have given to them.”
Islam instructs that man be generous to himself, then to his family then to his relatives and then to all human beings.

May Allah give us the ability to be generous in all circumstances, whether we are rich, wealthy or not.

O Allah! Forgive all our sins O Allah! Accept us for Your service and for the Service of Islam and Muslims O Allah! Give us strength of Iman O Allah! Accept all of us Dawah worker in Japan O Allah! Guide all the people in Japan and all over the world to Islam O Allah! Give rizq in abundance to all Muslims in Japan O Allah! Give shifa to those who are sick O Allah! Grant safety and security in Japan and all over the world Aamin ya Rabbil Aalamin Download: Translation of Khutba (2011,09,16).doc

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