[Muslim Scout] Open recruitment for youth new members

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Announcement from Masjid Otsuka

Due to the start up application of “Johoku District Toshima Group 18 Japan Muslim Scout” (tentative name), we open recruitment for youth new members.

Target Age: Boys, Primary 6 Grader to Junior High School 3rd Grader

Please send these 1-7 information to


1. Name (furigana)

2. Date of birth (western year)

3. Postal code and home address

4. Name of Guardian

5. Phone number (that easy to be reached in case of emergency)

6. E-mail address

7. Allergy (Yes or No)

Please also contact us for any inquiries.

We value the youth’s initiative action.

We nurture “contemplating then implementing”, “teamwork” etc, through outdoor activity, environmental issue and volunteer activity.

In the future we will also open recruitment for primary 1st-5th grader and girls.

We are also recruiting adult male and female volunteers.

Experienced, non-experienced are both welcome.

Please contact e-mail



Masjid Otsuka



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