Masjid Otsuka Tarbiyah Camp XV

Assalam Alaikum wr wb

We are pleased to announce that Masjid Otsuka Tarbiyah camp will be held on September 16th-18th this year inshaAllah, with the cooperation of Islamic organization WAMY.
Please note that a campground will be changed this year. We have used the campground at the first tarbiya camp and it will be reserved.

We will go to the campground together by two charter buses from Masjid Otsuka. It’s also possible to go to the campground by own car or public transportation.

There will be a lot of programs such as interesting lectures, discussion and Quran recitation which are able to learn new Islamic knowledges and gain your faith( imaan ) stronger inshaAllah.
The theme of our camp this year is Ayah 6 from Quran Surah At Tahrim.

“O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones.”

This camp is a good opportunity to learn more about the right and responsibility of Moslem as husband, wife and children, what should we do to protect ourselves and our family from the hell and also to be happy family both in this life and in the hereafter.
Also there are many enjoyable activity programs like barbecue and boating on the beautiful

We would like to recommend this camp to all people who live in Islamic surroundings usually and also people who face difficulty in non Islamic surroundings.

Please note that this camp is limited to muslim and muslimah.

★Date: Saturday, Sep 16th-Monday, Sep 18th     

★Place : “Kangakuen Camp Site”
1131 Saiko Fujikawaguchiko Minami Tsuru gun Yamanashi pre. 

★ Access by Train :
Take JR Chuo-Honsen line to Otsuki station. Change to Fujikyu Railway and get of at Kawaguchiko station. Take Fujikyu Bus no.026, get off at Kangakuen camp jou stop, or Saiko Syuyu Retro Bus, get off at Juunigatake Tozanguchi stop. Walk few minutes.

★ Access by Car :
Chuo Expressway > Kawaguchiko IC > 20minutes >Kangakuen Camp Site
Tomei Expressway > Fuji IC > 60minutes > Kangakuen Camp Site

★Participation Fee 
【For those who go to the campground by charter bus from masjid Otsuka 】
Couple: 20,000yen 
1 person: 12,000yen
Student couple: 18,000yen
Student 1 person : 10,000yen

【For those who go to the campground by oneself 】
Couple: 17,000yen
1 person: 10,000yen
Student couple: 15,000yen 
Student 1 person : 8,000yen

3 years old to High school: 4,000yen
From the third child: 3,000yen
2 years and below: Free

Please apply using the application form.

Please fill in and send to

* * * * * * * *  Contact Person * * * * * * * *
Phone : Masjid Otsuka : 03-3971-5631

Ghalib Hussain (Urdu, Jp ,Eng) : 090-7412-0769
Farooq Rifat (English, Arabic) : 090-4156-0702     
Dr Aziz Ahmad (Bengali, Jp, Eng) : 090-1766-4358
Dr Hussam Zaineh (Arabic, Eng) : 080-4086-1927  
Haroon Quresi (Urdu, Jp, Eng) : 090-2455-6253
Abdullah Wang (Chinese) : 090-4724-7375
Hafiz Yousef ( Eng,Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic ) : 080-4412-2240
Nishaf (SriLanka, Jp, Eng) : 070-2155-4624
Mohammad Faizuddin (Urdu, Hindi, Eng) : 080-4400-4108

Fax : 03-5950-6310   e-Mail :

Account : Japan Post Bank
Account Name : Syuukyouhoujin Nihon Islam Bunka Center
Post to Post : Account number : 10090 86537811
Bank to Post : Branch number : 008 (Zerozerohachi) 
Account number : Futsu 8653781

Note: We have kept the participation Fee low to attract more Muslims in this camp. All are requested to give donations/Sadaqah to enable us meet the expenses and continue this Yearly event. This Tarbiyah Camp is a good chance for Muslims annual Get-together. Jazakumu Allah Khairan.

★Looking for volunteer staffs
Masjid Otsuka camp is planned and prepared by volunteer staffs. We are looking for volunteer staffs who can run this event with us.
Involving this camp as a volunteer staff with other Muslim brothers/sisters is a great opportunity to experience and learn a lot of things inshaAllah.
Please join us and share your idea and ability.

Please contact us

Wa Salam
Masjid Otsuka

Jazak Kumu Allah Khairan
Haroon Qureshi
Japan Islaimc Trust جمعية الوقف الإسلامي باليابان
Masjid ( Mosque ) Otsuka
3-42-7 Minami Otsuka
Toshima-ku ,Tokyo 170-0005

Events and Social Activities.

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